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1 You are responsible for Milana and you have to care about her, so do your best, because I know you have no patience, looks likw you have HDHD, Learn camlness from Philip.;) 13:01, 24dec
2 If you have me, why do you tell lawyers, that you want me back? To me you say you want to hurt me, you think this will make me feel like coming back? 16:49, 24dec
MIJN ANTWOORD This was before you sent met all the sms that I am crazy, hdhd, women hater, liar, bad papa, etc.And before you used Milana as a weapon, taking het away from me 17:03, 24dec
4 After you threw her out people advised me not to give her to you, because you want to hurt me.I still love you and will never take Milana from you, but don’t worry if you want to get rid of me you do it very good.Inever left you never. 17:07, 24dec
5 If she is crying too much you can bring her anytime of the day and night here, we also have a lot of food here. Come if you want. I love you very much, just can’t stay if you psisically hurt-not my cup of tea…But I love you very much. You are very handsome for me, and I only can stay for pleasure, not for hurting, not my style.Sorry 17:11, 24dec
MIJN ANTWOORD Milana was taken from me for 3 weeks.No matter what they adviced you, you were in charge.You changed the truth in your advantage so it made me look like nonster 17:12, 24dec
7 🙂 you are a monster 😉 admit it, little by little you will stay will stay with people who like it.I like happy things. If you can’t do it you have to be honest. Kisses to my rat one year ago. 17:23, 24dec
8 We have fondu here allez kom;) 17:43, 24dec
9 So why did you throw us out and then wanted to see Milana? It is not clear.. First throw out then back? Waroom? 18:48, 24dec
10 You are very weird also with cleaning the more I was cleaning the less you were respecting me. Every day I was cleaning one day upstairs and the you say it was not enough O_O are you completetly out of your mind? OMG 19:11, 24dec
11 Anyway everybody tell me that you hate me and just will do everything to hurt me like you did with Isabel, Maria, Sabrina. 19:29, 24dec
12 If she is crying you can bring her anytime… 20:01, 24dec
13 And remember that you will not run away from Milana, you are responsible for her and you have to take care for her! You will not avoid your father duties. You wanted to have a baby so now want it or not you have to be there for her. 21:02, 24dec
14 Voicemail: Duur 18s ingesproken op 24 dec om 21:14 door deze persoon/dit nummer. Klik of bel naar ‘555505’ om dit bericht te beluisteren (gratis in Belgie). 21:15, 24dec
15 Is she sleeping? She has to sleep from 8 pm. I’m sure she is crying…If she has temperature bring her to me. 21:17, 24dec
16 Voicemail: Duur 48s ingesproken op 24 dec om 22:03 door deze persoon/dit nummer. Klik of bel naar ‘555506’ om dit bericht te beluisteren (gratis in Belgie). 22:04, 24dec
17 In the morning she can fall from bed so make sure it is safe there. 22:17, 24dec
18 I wonder why do you take Ukrainian woman and then hate her because she is not Belgian? 22:18, 24dec
19 I realy hope you meet somebody who kick shit out of you for all the hatred you have to us. 22:20, 24dec
20 You are the biggest mistake I have made 22:55, 24dec
21 And take off your watch you can hit her and was yourself at least. 23:00, 24dec
22 Thai girls are perfect for you 23:15, 24dec
23 Also stop telling me that I didn’t show the baby, this is something you created. I think you are hidden sadistic, no wonder they call Isabel masochist. 01:16, 25dec
24 Grandfather Gert:) 05:29, 25dec
25 You started to do things through officials, don’t wonder I do it through lawyers. Look a bit your actions)they show me how to treat you—I just learn from you! 05:42, 25dec
26 If Jill doesn’t breastfeed, then why don’t just make kids with somebody like Jill. You had 2 years before we started a family. What were you thinking? 05:51, 25dec
27 When you go downstairs to make a bottle, make sure she will not fall from bad, or if you take her with you don’t fall over the cat on the stairs and wash your hands afther touching your thinkgs, I know you for that:) 05:59, 25dec
28 You do everything that I keep losing my trust. 07:16, 25dec
29 If you hate me you have to tell this to people, don’t hide it. You have evil soul.Look at your friend Philip, two haters of mothers. I will tell about this in court 07:46, 25dec
30 Grow up! 07:47, 25dec
31 Gert you asked me why I need lawyers to talk to you , and I answer, because you needed city hall to throw us out like garbage, CA W to shelter us and OCMW pay for us. GOED? 12:05, 25dec
32 I wish you next year to feel the same humiliation I, your Mama, Isabel, Masha, Sabrina and Popov had from you. 12:19, 25dec
33 If you shit on somebody don’t wonder why they smell 16:04, 25dec
34 Voicemail: Duur 34s ingesproken op 24 dec om 19:39 door deze persoon/dit nummer. Klik of bel naar ‘555507’ om dit bericht te beluisteren (gratis in Belgie). 19:39, 25dec
1 She has no cold, has no temperature, will go to the doctor tomorrow expecially for you 23:29, 25 dec
MIJN ANTWOORD I was at the docter today, stop doing your own will all the time, that is why you are in this situation. Listen to her breathe, no need to b smart to hear her nose! 23:32, 25 dec
3 All kids have it, but I will check for you. She has it for a long long time ago and doctors checked her. Said it wss normal. But you need to give her some heavy medication, right? I can feel that you actually hate her, the same as your own body. Go to the kitchen and eat some more pills maybe your memory has koud 23:34, 25 dec
4 What doctor, I asked you. Why don’t you say, hiding something? Welke doctor? 23:35, 25 dec
MIJN ANTWOORD It is on the paper 23:36, 25 dec
6 Pills and junkfood is your brain, you are what you eat. Already forgot about fasting grandpa Gert?
MIJN ANTWOORD See you in court 23:38, 25 dec
8 Ok goed ik wil telephoneren morgen morgen arividerchi 23:39, 25 dec
9 Also I don’t know the doctor. Our house doctor is Van der Sept. Is the one you asked pediatritian? 23:41, 25 dec
MIJN ANTWOORD Call your doctor! Why the hell would you call a doctor to check his diagnoses. Start to behave like an adult! 23:43, 25 dec
11 So it was your idea to go to Peter, why didn’t you do it. I heard that you didn’t arrange any meeting at their place, dear “adult” memory problems I guess? 23:46, 25 dec
12 I will call him don’t worry 23:47, 25 dec
13 When is court? 23:47, 25 dec
MIJN ANTWOORD Because you have Milana! How can I arrange that if I don’t have her. Use your mind! If you used your mind all the time we would not have this situation. Stop sms 23:49, 25 dec
15 How did you find a doctor without afsprak on holiday? 00:04, 26 dec
16 Very strange. Or you arranged afsprak beforehand, also weird. You are very strange Gert. Are you sure you are ok? 00:05, 26 dec
MIJN ANTWOORD Because I went 2docter on duty. I live 44years in Belgium and know how it works here. You don’t know at all but still you don’t listen to any advice. Only your will 00:07, 26 dec
18 I will also go to the doctor on duty, but a pediatritian 00:08, 26 dec
19 Yes many things are strange to you. You should start to wonder if you are strange. 00:09, 26 dec
20 I give up, Told you already no one is so smart like you. Lets stop contact and do all in court. I can not handle your intelligence 00:11, 26 dec
21 ok 00:11, 26 dec

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